What Clients Are Saying

“Shani is on fire for digital media. Her excitement for the field of digital marketing is both relentless and contagious. She is a pro at wrangling all social media sources into one, consolidated, strong message. She enjoys the creative challenge of taking an artist’s work on stage and translating it into a message that represents the artist on the digital stage. Just talk to her about it. I guarantee you her excitement will draw you in and make you a believer in her Digital Church.”

Jennifer Nettles

- Sugarland

“Shani is a marketing guru and understands all aspects of the music industry. She is able to wear many hats at the same time and works well under pressure. She has a genuine love for marketing and is very creative when it comes to figuring out new/innovative ways to promote her artists. She is great with people. She can communicate/relate with everyone from artists, managers, Record Labels and even programmers and designers. She is also easy to work with and understands that sometimes things just need to get done (the right way), and she doesn’t complain…she just makes it happen!”

Brian Kaplan

- Director, Sony Music

“Oriented towards the promotion of bands but applicable to almost any social media marketing campaign Shani’s new blog addresses the heart and soul of what it takes to engage fans (customers, readers) in a way I have not found elsewhere. In my studies of social media marketing I have found it’s all about delivering value and Shani’s approach is through personal interaction and authenticity rather than flashy gimmicks. I think she has done a great job with the duo Sugarland as well as her own blog.”

Seth Mill

- Music Marketer


“Shani is a smart, savy and a professional entrepreneur. She brings light and charisma into everything that she does. Her enthusiasm, spirit and tenacity to make our brand the best that it can be is a unique quality that we have not found working with any other company.”

Callie Riggs

- Styx, Red Light Management

“Having Shani and her group on my team is a beneficial tool and her enthusiasm is immeasurable. Passion cannot be bought it is something that has to live and breath inside a heart and Shani has an infinity of passion for the things she sets out to accomplish, I am honored to work with her and to also call her my friend.”

Sonia Leigh

- Singer & Songwriter

“Shani Sammons Marketing Group has been the driving force behind my new and improved social media platform. It has been a comfort to me to turn those wheels over to someone who is as passionate about her work as I am mine.”

Jan Smith

- Vocal Coach for Justin Bieber, Usher, Drake, etc.